Who are we?

Kode Aap Inc. was founded in Toronto, Canada, in April of 2013, and released the first utility app Deep Sleep Alarm in November of 2013. 

Kode Aap might seem like a spelling mistake to you, but it was an inspiration after having spent several years as a “coding monkey,” at various businesses and consulting firms. “Kode Aap” means “coding monkey” in Afrikaans.

Kode Aap is no one-trick pony; we are working on productivity, gaming and entertainment apps to help people engage more effectively with their devices and their lives.


Our mission is to become globally recognized brand that develops smartphone applications. We aim to produce high quality, social, and entertaining applications that stand out from the saturated application store, and strive to achieve over 90% customer satisfaction through application reviews.


Our vision is to create an outstanding company that constantly surprises our customers with the thoughtfulness and usefulness of our applications.We build smartphone applications that are guided by our mission and values. We strive to build applications that demonstrate creative problem solving. We think outside the box, and then we implement those thoughts with intelligence, passion, and quality.


The Aaps

Rami Emera

Software developer & co-founder

Sami El-Sebae

Game & level designer