Good Things Come in Hexagons! (Now Available)

New Tetris style puzzle game! Rotate and move the blocks into the grid to create connections. Connect the blocks in a line across the grid to remove them for points. Eliminate multiple lines to create giant combos that boost your score!

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Grow Your Giant! (Now Available)

Tiny Giants is a new platform adventure game. Stretch your legs to walk across the platforms. But watch out; stretch too much or too little and you’ll have to start all over again. You’ll need perfect timing to get the highest score!

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Show us Your Smoove Moves! (Now Available)

Smoove Move is a simple and fast-paced action game that will challenge your timing and reflexes. Move your cute critters around the road and help them collect the tasty treats. But beware the menacing rockets! The better you get, the harder they become to escape.

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Wake up When You Need to!


We are proud to announce that Kode Aap’s first application is called Deep Sleep Alarm.

If you’re a heavy sleeper or prone to snoozing through your alarm clock, those words weren’t true until we came onto the scene. People can’t get enough sleep, or get more than enough of it. So we did our research and came up with our first product Deep Sleep Alarm.

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